Modern philology: promising and priority areas for scientific researches

Approximate subject matter of the monograph:
– Ukrainian language and literature
– Russian language and literature
– Slavic languages and literature
– Romance, Germanic languages
– Languages of Asia, Africa, indigenous Americans and Australians
– Comparative literature studies
– Classical languages. Individual Indo-European languages
– Foreign literature
– Slavic literature
– Literature theory
– General linguistics
– Comparative linguistics, linguistic typology
– Literary source study and textual criticism
– Folklore studie
– Structural, applied and mathematical linguistics
– Translation studies
– Language and media
– Intercultural communication

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To publish manuscripts in a collective monograph, an author should fulfill the following requirements within the period January 8–27, 2020 (inclusively):
1. to fill an application form;
2. to send a scientific chapter in English at indicating RE: “SENSE MONOGRAPH (PHILOLOGY)”;
3. to follow the recommendations of a peer reviewer after a chapter reviewing;
4. to send a copy of payment confirmation after the reception of payment details of the publisher.

The chapter for a collective monograph can be prepared only by one author (without co-authors) exclusively in English.

Each chapter is subject to a peer review, which is conducted by independent experts from East Europe, who for many years have been cooperating with “Liha Pres”. The authors may be proposed to improve their chapters according to the recommendations of peer reviewers and editors.

Payment details are sent after a successful review.

The publication fee is 5 500 UAH for a chapter with a volume of 20 pages. If the chapter exceeds the indicated volume, each additional page is 50 UAH. The fee covers reviewing, proofreading, typesetting, ISBN and DOI award for every paper, mailing of a collective monograph.

Requirements for chapter execution are available at the link.

Every chapter included in a collective monograph is awarded DOI.

The authors of the collective monograph receive a copy of the publication.

“Liha-Pres” supports the Initiative for Open Citations. All monographs published by “Liha-Pres” are available at the OUCI web-site: they are under the name of the publisher. In the database of scientific citations, you can trace every individual monograph or monograph section published in “Liha-Pres” following monograph title, monograph section title, DOI, authors, as well as find the OpenCitations Index of Crossref.

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Receipt of application and chapter for publication in the monograph
: January 8–27, 2020 (inclusively)
Peer review: during two-three weeks since the receipt
Assignment of DOI to each section of the monograph and of an electronic mock-up at Open Monograph Press: February 20, 2020
Mailing of printed copies: February 28, 2020

Contact number: 096 745 63 23