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Dear scholars!
We invite you to take part in the preparation of a collective monograph which is produced by the international publisher “Liha-Press” which belongs to the category “C” according to SENSE classification!

There is an opportunity for chief editors, editorial boards of journals, an authors’ team to publish an individual monograph which is produced by the international publisher “Liha-Pres”. It can be both individual monograph and collective monograph.

The participation in the writing of a collective monograph can assist scientific journals of Ukraine in adhering to the requirements of a new Procedure for the availability of a relevant number of publications of the editorial board members and the inclusion of journals in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine (category “B”) before March 13, 2020.

According to the Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “On Approval of the Procedure for the Formation of the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine” dated January 15, 2008, No 32,  the editorial board should include a minimum of seven scholars who have publications (articles, monographs or monograph sections) over a particular period:

7) the editorial board should include at least seven scientists who have an academic degree in one of the specialties corresponding to the scientific area of the publication under paragraph 5 of the Procedure. Each of these experts, including the chief editor of the journal, must have at least three publications over the past five years or at least seven publications (articles, monographs, sections of monographs corresponding to the scientific area of the journal) over the last fifteen years, in particular, minimum one in the last three years published in at least two different editions included in Web of Science Core Collection and/or Scopus, or have monographs or monographs sections published by international publishers belonging to categories “A”,  “B” or “C” according to the classification of Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE).

According to the official commentary of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine – available AT THE LINK – monographs or sections of monographs published in the publishing houses classified by SENSE are equated in quantitative terms with articles published in journals included in Scopus or WoS.

A monograph is published by the international producer “Liha-Pres” established in 1996, which is in SENSE rating of book publishers (Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment).

Papers for monographs are accepted exclusively in English.

Each article is subject to a peer review, which is conducted by independent experts from East Europe, who for many years have been cooperating with “Liha Pres”. The authors may be proposed to improve their articles according to the recommendations of peer reviewers and editors.

The author receives payment details after a successful review.

The publication fee is 5 500 UAH for an article with a volume of 20 pages. If the article exceeds the indicated volume, each additional page is 50 UAH. The fee covers reviewing, proofreading, typesetting, ISBN and DOI award for every paper, mailing of a collective monograph.

The publication fee for a team involving 7 and more authors is 4000 UAH for an article with a volume of 20 pages. The cost of individual or collective monograph with less number of authors depends on the total number of monograph pages.


  • an article shall be an integral paper of a scientific content including the findings of the author’s original research;
  • article volume is a minimum of 20 pages; A4, line space 1,5; Times New Roman, point size 14; all fields – 20 mm.


  • author’s surname and initials; academic degree and rank, post, place of employment; address of the place of employment (in English);
  • ORCID ID. If the author doesn’t have an account in ORCID, it is obligatory to sign up for the account at the link;
  • article title;
  • a paper shall have the following structure: a brief introduction (1–2 pages), 2–3 equivalent subsections and conclusions (1 page), summary (7– 10 sentences; to state a problem and research findings);
  • the article shall include page-oriented citations as well as References at the end of the paper. Citations shall be marked with a number without brackets and dots using Microsoft Word references
  • Attention! Per page citations and References are at the end of the paper and designed in compliance with APA Style Reference Citations (download an example).
  • To improve the quality level of scientific citations in the scientometric database Open Ukrainian Citation Index (OUCI), it is important to indicate DOI for every source which it has.

Every article included in a collective monograph is awarded DOI.



Yan Kovalskyi

Electoral reforms had profound political consequences for postcommunist Poland. The majority system promoted the fall of communism, while later changes to the electoral law helped the former communists to reclaim power1. […]

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The reasons for their miscalculations included a lack of methodological expertise, unexpected shifts in voter preferences, transitionspecific poll biases, as well as new entrants and coalitions that emerged in the period between the introduction of the new electoral law and elections. […]

The article deals […]

1. Sulek A. (1994) Do czego su sondae? Wykorzystanie bada opinii publicznej w kampanii wyborczej 1993. Kultura i Spoeczestwo, vol. 38(3). pp. 103–117. DOI 10.1016/355-6642/45-58
2. […]

Information about the author:
Yan Kovalskyi,
Prof. dr hab.,
Dean of the Faculty Governance and in Particular,
The Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
11 Gagarina str., Torun, Poland, 87-100

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